Custom Pickleball Paddles.

We offer THE MOST customizable options for professional quality, wholesale pickleball paddles tailored specifically for your needs. Whether you rent paddles, sell retail, or aim to start your own pickleball line, we’ve got you covered!

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Pro-Pickle launches fully customizable paddle service.

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Customized Pickleball Paddles.

Visualize your paddle on our Perfect Pickle Paddle builder. Upload your artwork, explore color options, and ensure your paddle will WOW with every dink.

Custom Paddle Designs.

Our clients utilize custom pickleball paddles in a number of different ways. Whether it’s an eatertainment venue offering a rental program, a charity event giveaway, or a retail product for your club, the possibilities are endless. Our exclusive relationship with Tailwag Pickleball ensures that our paddles are the highest quality with the highest level of customization available.

Charlie Hustle
Chicken N Pickle
Chicken N Pickle - Win For KC
Chicken N Pickle NFLPA
Auto Alert 1
Auto Alert 2
Char Bar
Playkout 2

Industry-Leading Technology.

Expertly crafted with premium materials, our paddles ensure exceptional performance. With a diverse range of automotive and aerospace-grade carbon fiber and polypropylene honeycomb cores, we offer superior control and responsiveness. Partner with us to unlock your business's customized pickleball gear potential.

3k Twill Carbon Fiber
8mm Cell Cores

Carbon Fiber.

Known as the superior material on the market for pickleball paddles, our engineers utilize a variety of carbon fiber weaves to deliver the best quality product for your needs. Our performance pickleball paddles are available in raw, 3k, 12k, 18k, 3d3k, 3d18k, and Kevlar weaves, finished with a frosted or pre-preg grit.

USAPA Approved.

For those seeking a more professional branding experience, we offer USA Pickleball Certification at an additional cost. Whether you are a professional athlete, or a business aiming to elevate your offerings, this certification will ensure your paddles can be used in all sanctioned pickleball tournaments, while adhering to industry standards.​

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